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Title: Amchi Bhas, Romitlean Devnagari

Author : Xanoimam, (Indrakant Vasudev Shenoy)

Year: 1962

Publisher: Casa Gomantak, Margao, Goa

Abstract: Book on Devnangari Orthography of Konkani Language in Romi and Nagari Script

Subject(s): Book

Description (physical): Paper 28 Pages

Description (digital): PDF 14 Pages 6.16 MB

Misc Information: The book was given to Ramesh Pai, Payyanur by the late Indrakant Vasudev Shenoy, who is also no more now, when they met long ago, and he had mentioned that Xenaimam is his pen name ! In fact he hailed from Kerala and was living in Bandora looking after the Kashi Math there for very long time.

Digital Copy Arranged By: Ramesh Pai, Payyanur

WKA Object Id: 10020

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One Response to “Amchi Bhas - Romitlean Devnagari”

  1. Vicky Lloyd D'Souza Says:

    This book is good for Romi writers to learn Devnagri. Konkani Archives is just the prefect way to find old Konkani books out of publication. Well done.

    Thank you.

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