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GSB Konkani Dictionary
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GSB Konkani Dictionary

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GSB Konkani Dictionary

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      (United States)
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      (Brunei Darussalam)
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      Very good! Maybe include a grammar guide?


      Austin Carvalho
      my suggestion is whether we could get a clear translation....

      Arranging a certificate course in konkani would be of great help in learning and appreciating spoken konkani, since speaking konkani is slightly different from its devanagari script.

      Suresh Shenoy
      Do we have konkani in devnagri script book ( gtrammaer) for my grand daughter

      Suresh Pararth Mallya
      Sincere urge , let me know if there is a GSB konkan magazine thats available for subscription. I got a name Panchakadayi, but not available.

      ENGLISH TO KONKANI good morning शुभोदय (shubhodaya ) = good morning (Jayadeva Bhat) This is what your site translate all the time. and second thing, your code always same "scre" no changes!!

      ENGLISH TO KONKANI good morning शुभोदय (shubhodaya ) = good morning (Jayadeva Bhat) This is what your site translate all the time. and second thing, your code always same "scre" no changes!!

      Change your site or page description proper Lol. this is not for konkani language site, please Dont make full our Goan people please and remember our goan Language is Konkani not marathi or konkan language. keep that in your mind please.

      Good. Great Going. Would request you to write the Konkani words in kannada script or devanagiri script as it is easier to read and understand (the way it is written, the same way it is pronounced).

      Irsha Dhond
      I want to learn goan konkani please help me out with some classes in mumbai.

      (Thane, India)
      Sugar=Paindaar (Kerala konkanis)

      (Thane , India)
      Rice ( uncooked) is called WOROVU in Cochin,alleppy etc.Kerala. once cooked it is sheeth or pej ( kanji or gruel)

      mayank dhyani
      (new delhi )
      i need to a konkani language teacher

      Dennis Gutowski
      (merrill, wi)
      Bible based literature is now available in Konkani here:

      i have to learn to speak kokani GSB language fluently .

      arisha kamath
      (chembur - mumbai)
      I m GSb kokani after marriage. My mother tounge is malvani. Only some words r similar in malvani n kokani language. But still i cannot understand some words of konkani n not able to speak fluently.. can u help me

      James Goveas
      Kindly let me know whether your website in meant for only caste Konkani,and christians cannot participate.

      Your website speaks only of GSB konkani.Many Christians speak Konkani. I reques you to let me know I being a Konkani lover and speaker can be a guest. Thank you.

      Manjeshwar G. Kamath
      (Atlanta USA)
      Good time to reunite Konkani families and friends attend Sammelan in Atlanta on July 1-3, 2016 Visit

      Beena Puthalat Shenoy
      want to learn to speak konkani

      Govindraj Shenoy
      Hi There, I loved your proverb section and i could identify with most of those proverbs as they were frequently used by my Bapamma at home. i have a few more to add to your exhaustive list. hope to see them included soon. 1. Visha Pariksha Kon Gheuchi (who will taste and see poison). 2. Bhikarya Ushya Poli (a Beggar with a bread at his pillow, will keep thinking about eating it). 3. Tel Virkalelo radta and Narlu Virkalelo radta. (its ok if one cries over spilled oil why should some one act like crying over spilled coconut). 4. Javilya Vatyan haggu naza. (once should not desecrate where one eats). 5. Pottak Sheet Khata ki Gu. (Better not explain this one). 6. Vagha Vhonti Doodh. (A task as difficult and risky (not worth) like Milking a tiger). 7. Umati Kalashyari Uddak. (non fruitful like pouring water over a upturned pot). 8. Chardu Pashi Vaara Whoda. (Giving importance to unnecessary things, or making tall tales) 9. Alpa Bhagya Ailyari. (the actions of a unworthy persons if they suddenly become rich). 10. Doodh Pilele cheradu vanchana tar Vishya Pilele vanta ve. (even good intentions do not guarantee positive outcome, then if the intentions are bad the outcome shall surely be bad. 11. Peja vailyan Sheetar Yeucha. (to move from a poor state to a bit better state of being). 12. Buddhanta Teen Kaden. (being extra smart can get u into 3 fold trouble, this proverb is related to a small story). well there are many more I would love to share and all are unique to different regions of our origin so is fun to see them all at one place... Cheers

      Hitesh Sabnis
      I want to learn konkani as it my mother tongue. When I visit our Shantadurga temple in kalve math the priests also speak the same

      marian francis
      i want to speak konkani please help me. regard marian francis

      hey i need a teacher who can teach me gsb konkani language..can anyone help me with this?


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      Ganesh Shenoy
      want to learn GSB kokani

GSB Konkani Dictionary
GSB Konkani Dictionary
GSB Konkani Dictionary

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